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A Vegan Guide to Surviving a Carnivorous Thanksgiving

At the age of 15, I decided to go vegetarian after a Civics class screening of Robert Kenner’s gut-wrenching 2008 documentary Food Inc. I quit a few weeks later when my mom waved a quarter-chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet (a famous Canadian “delicacy”), still in its plastic takeout container, in front of me. I folded […]

How a Self-Proclaimed Lazy Girl Does Self-Care

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed lazy girl. The characterization is antithetical to my Type A existence, but my style and skincare routine would say otherwise. All throughout my childhood and adolescence, my mother tried to (lovingly) break me of my tomboy ways. Long before ten-step routines made it to the zeitgeist, she taught me the […]

On The Mend

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