Controversial x The Mend

Controversial has unboxed a greener future with The Mend

Bioplastic Mailers

Controversial opted for bioplastic mailers, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic mailers. Our bioplastic mailers are made from corn starch and are 100% biodegradable.

These mailers are made from bio polymer of corn starch. The manufacturing process for this product uses less energy than typical mailers and creates fewer greenhouse gases.

They’re tamper proof and protects your product in transit. These mailers are popularly used to package apparel, cosmetics, accessories, personal care products, e-commerce and shipping & logistics.

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Sustainable Packaging just got Bold

The New Plastics Economy is an ambitious initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, bringing together various stakeholders across the plastics value chain. Its aim


 materials or products that can be used again after they have been treated using a special industrial process (Cambridge dictionary)

Industrially compostable

Industrial composting can deal with a broader range of compostable products and operates in a highly controlled setting with specific temperatures and conditions. Industrial composting is able to apply a far higher temperature to the already pre-processed packaging material. The high heat breaks the packaging down even further, hastening the decomposition.