How a Self-Proclaimed Lazy Girl Does Self-Care

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed lazy girl. The characterization is antithetical to my Type A existence, but my style and skincare routine would say otherwise. All throughout my childhood and adolescence, my mother tried to (lovingly) break me of my tomboy ways. Long before ten-step routines made it to the zeitgeist, she taught me the value of self-care through face masks, manicures, and foot soaks — all in front of the glow of our favorite movie or TV show. It was totally vital to my mental health as a teen. But being a full-time student morphed into being a full-time employee, and the world just kept spinning and spinning. To cheat the system and trick my lazy girl core, I’ve had to make some adjustments to my adult self-care routine. First, multipurpose products are key. With a few quick swipes, Zabana Essentials’ Glow Sticks can seal and rejuvenate dull skin, highlight the high points of your face, and can even be used as a quick cream eyeshadow or lip color. Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Oil helps you deep condition your cuticles, lips, dark circles — you name it — with a nifty roller ball and futuristic design. Secondly, cuteness is a good motivator. I’m much more likely to use a product if it tempts me with its quirkiness or beauty. Pure Strawberries Cocofloss is fun enough to make you floss, and French Girl’s Rose Lip Polish has a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet. Finally, if you can reuse it, get it. Buying sheet masks over and over again is a chore and also not super sustainable. 100% PURE’s Bright Eyes Masks can be used a few times before you have to throw the plant-based (95% aloe water, 5% plant cellulose) jellies away. Grab a 5 Pack to save time and money!

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