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Compostable Bubble Wrap

Garment Bags


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The Mend’s bioplastic protectors are made from a biopolymer of corn starch, while mimicking the properties of traditional plastic protectors. They are made from renewable materials, and are biodegradable and industrially compostable. Our bioplastic protectors are popular for their protective coverage as they mimic plastic’s bundling properties.



Compostable  |  Bubble 

Printing Methods


TUV OK Compost  |  CIPET Certification


Length 800M | Width 18″

Minimum Order Quantity

5 kgs



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Capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (such as microorganisms) (From Merriam Webster)


To process (something, such as paper, glass, or cans) in order to regain material for human use (From Merriam Webster)


 materials or products that can be used again after they have been treated using a special industrial process (Cambridge dictionary)

Locally produced

The strategy with sensitivity to place and scale in order to sustain local communities and provide new job opportunities while preserving the quality of the environment and reducing your carbon footprint

Plastic free

Free of any polymers

Toxin free

A toxin-free product would mean that the product is free from any natural or man-made poisons that will have a negative impact upon our health.


Reusable capable of being used again or repeatedly (Merriam Dictionary)


Compost is a mixture that consists largely of decayed organic matter and is used for fertilizing and conditioning land. Something that is compostable can be used as compost when it decays. (From Merriam Webster)

Sustainable inks

Vegetable-based inks, which forego petroleum oil in favor of more sustainable sources like soy, linseed, tung, cottonseed, and china wood oils

Industrially compostable

Industrial composting can deal with a broader range of compostable products and operates in a highly controlled setting with specific temperatures and conditions. Industrial composting is able to apply a far higher temperature to the already pre-processed packaging material. The high heat breaks the packaging down even further, hastening the decomposition.