You Got A Sustainable Box In The Mail…
Now What?

Millions of tons of packaging waste is generated each year, contributing to climate change and the degradation of our precious environment. The Mend is here to help you create sustainable packaging for brands but we won’t just stop there, you can Mend our boxes even futher!

Remember the full package is the one that doesn’t last forever.


Your packaging isn’t just meant to be used once and thrown away – let’s Rethink packaging!

Plastic packaging amounts to 14.6 billion tonnes of waste annually and that sh*t lasts forever.

Bid adieu to trashing and shift your mindset towards reusing and recycling your packaging!


DIY is not just an Etsy trend, it’s a lifestyle!

Break down our packaging to repurpose it into the goddess it’s meant to be- our rigid boxes are fantastic jewellery holders, our cloth pouches make for great travel kits, and our corrugated boxes are excellent to plant a sapling in.

Think outside the box and show us some creative ways you have Mended your box!

Share it on social and tag us using the hashtag #Mendit


The biggest (and easiest) of the 3 R’s – Recycle your packages! Our waste management partners have imparted some wisdom to us young earthlings:

  • Separate wet and dry waste.
  • Encourage your Community to earn some cash (and Earth points) through starting a recycling program in your area. Partner with any WMP in your locality to collect your waste and ensure that it is properly treated and processed.
  • Find out which of our clients/brands that we have worked with, have their own recycling/buyback program. Drop us an email to find out more!