Are Consumers Into Sustainable Packaging?

The Demand for Green Packaging is on the Rise


A survey conducted by WestRock, a provider of sustainable packaging solutions, found that 66% of consumers in the US are willing to pay more for products that come in sustainable packaging. This shows that there is a growing demand for green packaging, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for it.


Younger Consumers are More Likely to Choose Green Packaging


According to a survey conducted by Asia Pulp & Paper, 62% of millennial consumers in the US and Europe are more likely to choose products with eco-friendly packaging. This trend is expected to continue as younger generations become more environmentally conscious.


Green Packaging is a Key Factor in Purchase Decisions


A survey by Trivium Packaging found that 73% of consumers globally believe that eco-friendly packaging is important when making a purchase decision. This shows that green packaging is a critical factor for consumers when choosing products.


Environmental Impact is a Key Concern


A survey by Mintel found that 55% of US consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. This concern is driving consumers to seek out eco-friendly packaging options.


Sustainability is a Growing Trend


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important trend in the consumer packaged goods industry as well. According to a report by Euromonitor International, sustainable packaging is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% between 2020 and 2025. This growth is driven by increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging.

The statistics on consumers who want green packaging show that there is a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging options. Younger consumers, in particular, are more likely to choose products with sustainable packaging, and environmental impact is a key concern for many consumers. Brands that prioritize sustainability and offer eco-friendly packaging options are likely to attract environmentally conscious consumers and gain a competitive advantage in the market. As sustainability continues to be a key trend, it is essential for brands to prioritize green packaging to meet the demands of consumers who are concerned about the impact of packaging on the environment.

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