How Mend is Creating a World Without Waste

As a company, your priority is to do right by all your stakeholders, including the planet. The lowest hanging fruit is creating packaging that’s sustainable, but as a business you are obligated to also measure and ensure your bottom line is not affected. We, at The Mend Packaging have the solution with our innovative products, which are designed to meet the needs of any company trying to protect their products while also encouraging eco-friendly practices in all aspects of their business. 

Learn more about how The Mend’s sustainable packaging can be used in your industry today, and why it’s a great alternative to traditional packaging options!


What is Sustainability?

To be sustainable is to continue to be able to produce value (i.e., create products that are useful, interesting, or appealing) over time. The packaging we use should last as long as possible to protect the product but must also disappear quickly once its use has been fulfilled. We have a wide variety of options that fulfill this purpose- bioplastic e-commerce mailers, corrugated shipping boxes, and much more. All these products completely degrade within 12-18 months, while ensuring durable properties during use. The Mend’s encourages recycling your packaging once it’s fulfilled its purpose so it can go back into the supply chain and come back to you as a new packaging option.


Traditional Plastic Packaging

Conventional plastic packaging requires petrochemicals to produce, is non-biodegradable, and often ends up in landfills or oceans. Studies show that plastic waste is present in around 80% of seabirds on Midway Atoll. Plastic is so pervasive that a study found it makes up 90% of all trash floating on ocean surfaces! It’s not just seabirds, either—plastic bags have been found inside dead whales. Biodegradable e-commerce mailers: Mend offers biodegradable shipping mailers made as an alternative to traditional plastic granules. Our packaging uses corn-based resins which makes them 100% industrially compostable, unlike traditional petroleum-based polymers which need to be incinerated and release harmful chemicals in the process.


Why Is There a Need for Sustainable Packaging?

As we go through our day, many of us are reminded of how wasteful we are as a society. We hear about the great Pacific garbage patch on numerous occasions and feel guilty for littering our planet with tons of single-use products that are simply tossed away. There is hope, however. The Mend has created cost-effective eco-friendly packaging solutions that you can use in your business without sacrificing appearance or quality.


Environmental benefit?

Mend’s packaging helps save millions of trees that would otherwise be needed to create new packaging items. It also reduces toxic waste in landfills because we encourage recycling products further, and incentivise mills to further increase collection of scrap materials as we guarantee steady businesses for recycled products. Not only does this help reduce deforestation but our practices also keep landfills clean. At The Mend we want to conserve our environment for future generations, and for us to lead a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Our goal is to reduce waste by making great looking eco friendly products that are affordable and comparable to traditional packaging you find on shelves today.


How do we do this?

We offer customized eco-friendly packaging options- right from choosing the dimensions that work for you, to your branding and design, to the disposal options available to you- we make you aware of it all. Our durable biodegradable products are friendly to both your wallet and our environment. We have minimum order quantities in place to ensure that we’re minimising on waste and ensuring competitive costs for your product. We offer smaller MOQs for accessories and our standard mailers.


Green Facts About Mend’s Product Range

Mend’s packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable packaging products that are made from post-consumer waste. Every Mend product is customised to your requirements and can be tailored to suit your brand. Our product range includes custom bags, shipping boxes, event & promo totes, catalogues, menus and carton boxes. The paper is sourced from sustainably managed paper mills that purchase waste paper and paper products and convert it into fresh sheets that we can use in our products. What makes Mend unique? We ensure that you are happy with your product and strive to achieve the same. We take care of everything, right from the design to the delivery, so you can focus on your product and leave the packaging to us.



Is it competitive?


One of sustainability’s biggest problems is its cost. People tend to think that recycling, sustainable packaging and other eco-friendly methods are more expensive than traditional options, but we try to change that perception. We create durable packaging with an aesthetic that matches traditional packaging, while keeping costs competitive. This means that even small businesses can afford eco-friendly products. In addition to being affordable, Mend offers custom designs to make your products stand out from your competition. We ensure we offer a truly unique service because we know each brand is different from its competitors.


Advantages Of Using Our Products


Mend’s packaging offers a unique alternative to traditional packaging. As you gain more traction, your consumers will demand your environment footprint is at a minimum. We ensure the same while not compromising on your branding. We produce all our packaging from recycled materials, or they are further recyclable and biodegradable, and have created a supply chain that allows us to reduce costs associated with shipping and waste disposal. We only incorporate products that are responsible towards the environment- so you can feel confident about going green!

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