The Mend: A company committed to sustainability

At The Mend, sustainability lies at the core of the business. Our aim with this company to provide greener options for brands in every industry around the world. We offer packaging solutions that represent your brand without harming the environment. We also create products that are sustainable from production to disposal. Understand more about what we can do for you by looking at our products and services.


Recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging for every business. As brands take into consideration the impact their operations have on the planet, an important aspect that is often overlooked is packaging.


Why should you care?

88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues and companies with sustainable practices are likely to grow 5.6x faster than conventional options.


As a business owner, you should always be thinking about the triple bottom line and maximizing the extent of your currency. One of the easiest ways to do that is by switching over to sustainable packaging from The Mend.


When it comes to sustainable practices in business, we believe companies should be able to help the planet by resorting to more sustainable practices. We help our clients maintain their brand aesthetic, while still keeping in mind their budgets and margins price points. And that’s what we strive for with our recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.


Using items made from recycled materials not only ensures competitive costs, but also helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint. In turn conserving resources and preventing waste from ending up in landfills or oceans instead of being reused as new materials.



Packaging materials that are recycled can be used again and again! Recycling your own packaging is a great way to ensure that the circularity of the material is prolonged for as long as possible. Most of our packaging is made from recycled materials.

With our paper waste consisting mainly of post and pre-consumer dry waste packaging or paper waste. Some recycled plastic and cardboard packaging is made from post-consumer products. These are products that have originally been made with virgin fibers but have re-entered the circular economy by getting a new lease on life by being recycled.


When you recycle products at home or send them back to stores where they originally came from, it saves on resources for future uses and reduces landfill waste as well. In contrast, most recycled plastics come from ground vinyl or plastic bags, bottles and paperboard boxes come from recycled newspapers, stationery products, etc —materials that were never meant for packaging in their original forms!


If a company is paying lip service about being sustainable, the easiest way for them to make the switch is to consider revamping their existing packaging to more eco-friendly solutions.

The myth surrounding sustainable packaging is that these products are often more expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, we ensure that making a positive impact on our environment should not come at a negative impact on your bottom line. That’s why our packaging is eco-friendly, affordable and future-proofed against the war on plastics.

We’re confident you’ll find everything for your business needs – right from your collateral, accessories, adhesives, protective fillers, to your carry bags, boxes, and courier packaging.


If you’re looking for a more sustainable option for your brand, choosing packaging made from recycled materials might be just what you need.

At The Mend, we create eco-friendly products made from recycled materials. These products are produced in energy-efficient facilities. So not only is your packaging environmentally friendly, they also help contribute to less energy and water being used.


Our packaging solutions allow your business to go green without spending extra money or making any compromises on quality and aesthetics. They’re exactly what you need and nothing less!

We love what we do because it’s so much more than just business; we’re actively making a difference in people’s lives.

Join us in making an  impact by emailing us today for more information!

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