The Mend: Next-Generation Sustainable Packaging

How do you market your brand as sustainable? How do you package your products to bring them to market using eco-friendly materials? The Mend is here to help! We are a packaging company that specializes in custom solutions for brands looking to make their packaging eco-friendly. We believe it’s critical to create green packaging solutions and greener products that will benefit our environment and future generations. Our custom packaging solutions are recyclable, reusable, sustainable, and biodegradable making them the answer to your packaging needs.



Our eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled materials. There are no virgin fibres that come from felling trees, used in any of our packaging, everything is made from post consumer recycled paper. We also use biopolymers to make a few of our products; these are biodegradable and industrially compostable. We aim to work with you to lower your company’s carbon footprint by transitioning to the lowest hanging fruit- which is your packaging. When you Mend with us you can feel great about the impact you are making on this planet- a cleaner, greener future. 



The Mend is here to help you create sustainable packaging for your brand but we don’t just stop there; Mend your boxes even further! We also help brands with their packaging design, and disposing of their packaging waste by creating a circular disposal program, unique to each company. For example, we can help you design your brand’s ideal custom eco-friendly mailers, execute the order for you, and also help you with disposal options- ensuring circularity in all aspects of your packaging.



We have an in-house design team that can help create your company’s dream packaging. Once you’ve created your packaging, we can execute your order for you, this reduces the friction between an external designer and a packaging vendor, as we keep it all consistent in one place. Designing your packaging is simple – all you need to do is send us a product image, a color scheme, if you have any,  and any other details pertaining to your product packaging needs (i.e. size, printing specs etc.). The rest is handled by our team of professional designers.



We work with a pan-India vendor network that specialises in the entire extent of our catalog. We understand that each company is unique and will require multiple items of packaging from a single-source. By partnering with vendors that work with different specialisations and machinery, we’re able to fulfill all your needs under our central umbrella.  We work with our team to ensure they are up-to-date on topics such as: plastics composition & structure, adhesives and laminates, printing processes, graphic design software like InDesign, illustrator or Photoshop and overall brand management. Our vendor due diligence process ensures that they are working in safe conditions, and are compliant with all the requisite laws and regulations. We also ensure that all our raw materials are transferred with transparency and certifications to ensure no discrepancies in the final product. 



Perhaps it’s time to re-think your packaging, using more eco-friendly packaging solutions. An innovative new product that has recently captured the public’s eye are biopolymers. Compostable bioplastics are derived from renewable biomass sources (like trees and plants) and degrade naturally within 90 days. Compared to fossil fuel plastics that can take hundreds of years to break down, bioplastics will be a crucial part of preventing landfill waste. At The Mend, we’ve adopted this technology across a wide variety of our products. 



Reusing your packaging isn’t only a sustainable choice, it can also help you lower costs, create consistency and add value to your product. Whether you are looking for unique packaging products to compliment your brand or want custom made reusable packaging, The Mend can help! 



While you can’t do much about what packaging ends up in your warehouse, there are plenty of ways to avoid creating a whole lot more. Avoid over-packaging products and have surplus boxes/bags recycled. Pay attention to where your manufacturers are recycling their waste and encourage them to recycle or re-use as much as possible. Also, choose recyclable packaging materials whenever possible. We help all our clients establish a recycling program in their warehouses or with their end consumers to create circular packaging.



We all have a responsibility to act on climate change, so that future generations can enjoy planet earth just as we do today. But when it comes to taking action and doing our part, many people get stuck trying to figure out how they can help. That’s why companies are turning to The Mend. We provide eco-friendly custom packaging solutions that give you control over every step of production in order to make your brand more sustainable from start to finish.

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